3 Common Causes of Neck Pain

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Chiro Holly Springs neck painNeck pain, of course, is a common occurrence among individuals today. Despite the commonness, one should never neglect neck pain as it can lead to severe conditions. Here are some of the common causes of neck pain.


Neck pain can be a result of the bad posture. A surprising number of people in the modern society maintain poor posture while sitting and sleeping. The neck pain one experiences when waking up in the morning is a result of the wrong sleeping position. When the head is inclined severely during sleep, the respective position is retained for hours causing pain. Also, people have gotten used to looking down at their phones while sitting for long periods. This posture creates a severe tilt in the neck, causing pain later on.


Obviously, car accidents are one of the leading causes of neck pain.  The pain from whiplash is often associated with car accidents. Theses pains can be a symptom of muscle damage, tissue injury or even an injury to the nerves. During an auto accident, the driver’s or passenger’s neck can be bent back with the weight of the head when impacted then when the car stops, the head snaps forward creating a massive force on the neck. Some people will not feel the pain immediately after the accident, but later there may be headaches, stiffness, neck pain, fatigue, dizziness, and decreased range of motion in the neck. This type of injury is why many people meet a chiropractor after a car accident whether or not they experience immediate symptoms.


Cervical disc degeneration is another common cause of neck pain particularly among elders. When a person gets older, the soft matter located in the middle of the vertebral disk gaps gets thinner. This gel-like substances plays a major role in reducing the impact between the discs. Once this substance becomes thinner (simultaneous with the aging process), the nerves in the spine will compress painfully. This is why most of the elderly people experience neck pains.

Regardless the cause, when a person experiences a neck pain constantly (even a milder one), it is always better to meet a certified chiropractor before things get worse.

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