Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain and Stiffness

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Chiro Holly Springs neck pain and stiffnessAt the end of a long day, you might travel home and feel an unfamiliar stiffness in your neck (cervical spine). This feeling might persist and end up disrupting your daily routine. Neck pain and stiffness is a common condition in the high-stakes, high-stress environment in which we live. For many people, this kind of pain and stiffness resolves on its own after a few hours of rest. However, some signs and symptoms may indicate the need for chiropractic treatment.

These signs and symptoms include:

  • Prolonged aching of the upper shoulder region
  • Frequent headaches
  • Aching pain below the skull
  • Persistent neck pain
  • Decreased motion of the neck

Some of the most common causes of neck pain and stiffness include:

Trauma:  Trauma is usually the result of injury or accidents. When your head or neck make a sudden jerking movement, damage to muscles and tissue often occurs.

Old age: Diseases and chronic conditions affecting the spine such as osteoarthritis can crop up as you age.

Lifestyle: Poor posture and obesity have been linked to the increasing prevalence of neck pain and stiffness.

Visiting a chiropractor for treatment is good for your health. Our Holly Springs chiropractors do not use drugs or surgery while treating you. Any conditions requiring specialized medical attention are referred to medical specialists.

You can expect neck adjustment to feature prominently in your chiropractic treatment. This is a procedure involving the hands of the chiropractor and deft manipulation of your neck joints. Neck adjustment aids in restoring functional mobility of the neck and spine.

You can also expect your chiropractor to come up with a custom-designed treatment plan for your neck pain and stiffness. This program will incorporate different chiropractic treatments including massage and various physical exercises.

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