Managing Back Pain During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy causes your body to undergo significant changes and this can sometimes bring about a variety of symptoms. Back tenderness is one of the more uncomfortable of these, and for the most part pregnant women experience it at some point of another. There are several effective approaches you can take to relieve back pain during pregnancy, and also some things our chiropractors in Holly Springs can do for you, which we’ll be exploring below.

It is important to note that during pregnancy, the goal should be to reduce or eliminate the use of medicines. While pregnancy can cause some serious discomfort and even pain, all medicine has side effects. These side effects can be amplified during pregnancy and even have an adverse effect on your child’s development. For this reason, we detail methods of treating back pain that do not make use of any chemicals or medicines.

One effective method for reducing the pain is to add heat or cold to your back. Heat can be applied using a hot water bottle or a heating pad. You might want to interchange this with ice packs, due to the fact that this can typically be more efficient than either one alone. Although when you are applying heat you need to be extra cautious, when you are pregnant. It is a bad idea to soak in a hot tub, whirlpool or even a bath tub. A warm bath, however, perhaps with some essential oils or Epsom salt can be very relaxing. Some of our Holly Springs chiropractic specialists know how to do prenatal massages and this can also be excellent for helping your spine stay aligned and relaxed, as well as reducing your back pain. A few forms of back discomfort can happen when you are pregnant. The lumbar vertebrae in the lower region of your back and discomfort in your pelvis which is experienced in the back of the pelvis is what is affected by two of the most universal types known as lumbar pain. The pain of sciatica is a category of pain, nevertheless, which isn’t regularly connected to expecting a baby. Those with sciatica painfully feel it from their thighs down to their lower legs even. This can be caused by a herniated disk in your lower spine and aside from pain you can also experience tingling or numbness. If you think you have sciatica, speak with your doctor since it wouldn’t be considered a normal part of the back pain that often comes with carrying a child.

Despite the fact that back pain is a common symptom of pregnancy, you should not disregard it. Keep your doctor informed about the type and severity of your back pain. This is most essential if the pain worsens or if no working out or therapeutic efforts help it. Even though certain pain pills are acceptable during pregnancy, you also need to consult your doctor about this. The pain reliever that is ordinarily advised to pregnant women by doctors is Acetaminophen, which is the Tylenol’s active ingredient. Quite a few of the products that people generally ingest for pain, for instance Advil and Motrin (which both have Ibuprofen) and aspirin are considered unsafe for pregnant women to ingest. You should do everything within your power to limit back pain because if you don’t, it can make your life really strenuous during pregnancy. The recommendations we have gone over in this article, along with the suggestions of your physician should aid you in minimizing any avoidable stress on your back. During this time, you need to remember that your back is very hypersensitive and you need to pay attention to everything – from the shoes you wear to the way you sleep during the night.

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