Sciatica causes many people a lot of anxiety – and obviously pain.  Sciatica is felt in one’s lower back and down into the upper legs.  Most people don’t realize how crucial our backs are and how much they DO move and twist in every day life until they get a pain there.  Once you get a persistent pain in your back that just won’t go away, it can sap your desire to move at all.  As well, patients may also experience weakness and numbness extending to the upper legs.  When you get these types of symptoms, it really is something that requires treatment.  A case of sciatica will put a damper on anybody’s lifestyle.

Sciatica – what it is

When the term, “sciatica” is used, it simply refers to a pinched sciatic nerve. While it sounds simple enough, this particular “pinched nerve” is anything but simple.  This nerve is located in your lower back and comes into play with almost every movement of your body, it’s a big deal for anyone that has this condition.  Due to the location of the nerve and the issues associated with it, your local Holly Springs chiropractor will carefully evaluate the severity of your symptoms when developing your personalized treatment plan.

Sciatica Symptoms

  • Lower back pain
  • Numbness and/or pain that can spread through your upper legs
  • Occasional shooting pain – especially when standing up
  • Leg weakness
  • Leg and/or lower back tingling

Sciatica is actually a compression / pinch of the nerve itself.  Poor overall posture can lead to the condition or it may occur as a result of an accident or some other injury. The pain can continue to increase, so it is in your best interest to get treatment as soon as possible for the condition.

Sciatica Treatment Options

At our Holly Springs chiropractic clinic, sciatica treatment choices are provided by us after getting a solid picture of your current state and confirming the problem. A chiropractic approach is used by us to the treatment process.

Ordinarily, we use decompression therapy to decrease the pressure on the nerve.  When proper for your particular situation, we also use spinal adjustments. An adjustment realigns the back for optimal function and support. It may require a few treatments to fully decrease the pressure on the spine. During the treatment process, we help people understand more about the condition, what causes it, how we are treating it – and most importantly, what they can do day-to-day to help the situation themselves. When appropriate for your situation, we may very well use additional treatments, such as massage therapy, to help in handling your specific situation.

Recovering and Healing

The procedure for recovering after identifying a pinched nerve in the low back and healing depends on your circumstance and also the seriousness of the compression. At our practice, we use different tools based on situation and your demands. We offer natural alternatives manage and to reduce the symptoms while your body recovers and heals. We also reduce the pressure on your sciatic nerve with appropriate chiropractic treatment choices.

Your body will start to heal naturally after we remove the pressure. Depending on the cause of the pressure as well as the seriousness of your symptoms, it could take a few treatments to achieve the desired results and truly reduce the pain.

Holly Springs Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica interferes together with your life and day-to-day tasks. At our practice, we offer proper tools to greatly help with your long term recovery goals. To find out more about our treatment strategy or to learn more an appointment, call, contact or stop by today and talk with one of our Holly Springs chiropractors.

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