Playing any kind of sport raises the possibility of getting injured – it goes with the territory. Depending on the sport you play and your situation, the particular sports injuries that will occur will change. When trouble happens, regardless, you must treat the injuries appropriately. When you are injured during training or a match for a sport, we offer professional treatment strategies.

Common Sports Injuries

Any of our experienced and licensed Holly Springs chiropractors in our clinic offers treatment for many injuries that you may get while playing a sport. Our team will carefully evaluate your situation and then come up with a personalized treatment plan based on the specific injury (or injuries).

Some common sports type injuries include:

Stretched or sprained muscles
Pulled muscles close to the groin
ACL tears / knee pain
Tennis elbow or associated injuries as a result of repetitive movements
Back, shoulder or neck injuries
Spine injuries, especially in contact sports
Head injuries, particularly from contact sports that are specific

There are a lot of sports injuries that we see here in our center.  We  have treated aches and pains from a LOT of different sports and likely have experience with others in your particular sport.  The big ones are always golf and tennis. There are runners, cyclists, even sports like karate and judo that bring patients through the door with their own common, but still unique, complaints. Ordinarily, athletes risk injuries from repetitive movements or from actions in the game – think of a golf swing. Injuries may also come in the contact happening in a game like a football tackle. No two pains or treatments are ever exactly the same.

Treatment Alternatives

At our clinic, we provide a variety of treatment alternatives based on your injuries and situation. Our treatment centers on personalized plans and alternatives since each person has different concerns related to their sports activities as well as the pain they experience.

An experienced local chiropractor in our clinic will come up with a treatment plan based on your issues. We may use a variety of different sources, including X-rays, to help us determine the scope of your issues. We might use chiropractic treatments realign the back and neck or to lessen pressure on nerves. We may also use or encourage massage therapy to help from an injury with general tension and muscle injuries.  Whenever possible, we are happy to work in conjunction with other medical professionals as your situations requires.

When you prefer alternate treatments and experience pain, acupuncture may be recommended by us as well.  The treatment strategy depends upon the sort of injuries you face and the targets you set for recovery and healing.

When to Seek Chiropractic Treatment

Seeking treatment depends upon your aims as well as the scenario. When you notice persistent pain and distress generally, you should seek treatment. Treatment should be also considered by you immediately after an injury while playing a sport or practicing to prevent further injuries. Should you notice pain from repetitive movements, then seek treatment as it becomes a problem for you.  There will always be aches and pains from any sport and you really should not run to any medical professional for each one.

Treating an injury offers a chance to heal and recuperate.  We always encourage people to use a little discretion – if the pain or injury is either a major impediment (like an acute injury) or is becoming a chronic issue, then it’s probably a great time to go see YOUR local chiropractic professional at!  We are always ready to help get you back out there and beat those aches and pains.

We get a lot of patients from sports injuries, but what if your pain is in your legs? Sciatica?  We are experienced, ready and able to work with your sciatica pain relief.

Emergency Call

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