Treating Back Pain with Chiropractic

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Chiro Holly Springs NC back painChiropractic care has been around since 2700 BC, treating more and more conditions every year including back pain. In fact, studies show that about one in every three Americans sees a chiropractor for back pain. To understand what the role of a chiropractor is in managing back pain, a person should first know the reasons behind back pain.

Causes of Back Pain

There are two main categories of the causes of back pain. These are:

Medical Conditions

Various medical conditions can cause back pain depending on which part of the body they affect. For instance, osteoarthritis is responsible for causing pain in the lower back. Osteoporosis sometimes results in porous or brittle bones which fracture easily, which in turn causes back pain. Other conditions such as scoliosis (a medical condition that makes the spine to curve irregularly) cause back pain when they become severe.

Human Causes

People are responsible for some of the back pain they experience. A person with poor posture or who lifts heavy objects incorrectly (using the back instead of the legs) is likely to rupture or bulge a disk. Disks are soft materials that cushion and separate the bones of an individual’s spine. When a disk bulges or ruptures and presses against nearby nerves, a person will experience back pain. Habits such as smoking increase the risk of a person damaging one of his or her disks. Additionally, poor or habitual lifting could result in strained muscles and ligaments, which also cause back pain.

How a Chiropractor Helps with Back Pain

Back pain is caused by problems with joints, muscles, nerves, and bones. Chiropractors can contribute to reducing back pain by focusing force on those areas.

On the first visit to our chiropractor in Holly Springs, patients will be taken through a physical exam to determine their spinal mobility. Additional tests such as MRIs, X-Rays and blood tests may also be conducted to establish the cause of the back pain. Chiropractors also need a history of the patient’s injuries and medical conditions for treatment assessment.

During follow-up sessions, the chiropractor will take the patient through a series of spinal manipulations by hand. The manipulation, which involves light but powerful and sudden thrusts on the spine, reduces pain for the patient. It also helps adjust the spine and improve its mobility.

After a few sessions, the back pain will lessen. Chiropractors may also take their patients through massage techniques such as Active Release Technique and physical therapy to correct any problems that bring about back pain.

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